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Should we Create Excel Templates from Scratch or use Pre-Made Ones?

While this remains to be a pertinent query for most online users, both pre-made and elementary templates have their own set of pros and cons. In the subsequent sections, we shall try to debunk the existing myths around the usage of either, while enlisting the comfort quotient associated with each. However, before talking more about the preferred choice, we first need to understand the terminologies and prerequisites for even making this evaluation.

Track the Excel Skills

Before a person even considers creating templates from scratch, he or she must evaluate the existing excel skills and whether they are good enough to use for making elementary templates. For someone who is an excel expert i.e. well versed with the concepts of charts, arrays, conditional logic, formulas, VBA, and pivot tables— the best way forward is to create templates instead of using pre-made ones. However, for a newbie, it is always advisable to consider pre-existing templates, in order to simplify the processes.

Evaluate the Time Constraints

If an individual has a lot of time in hand, he or she can start working from scratch, provided there are skills to back the process. However, for someone looking to save time, pre-made entities are the best options available.

Flexibility is Important

If a person is flexible with the usage patterns, using pre-made solutions seems like a more prudent choice. In most cases, the pre-made templates offer limited functionalities with the premium ones adding to the existing set of choices. That said, it all comes down to the overall flexibility of the template and the pre-existing set of add-ons on offer. For a user who is restricted by options, it is advisable to create templates from scratch.

Evaluate Requirements

In the end, it’s all about addressing the specifics, especially in terms of requirements. For example, small businesses usually require minimalistic add-ons and basics sales reports— features which are usually available with the pre-made templates. For some of the other intricate and targeted requirements, including the likes of calculators and more— starting from the scratch is probably the best option in hand.

The Price Points

Creating templates from scratch can be feasible if there are pricing constraints to look out for. A majority of free templates lack the features and customizability quotient; thereby compelling users to purchase some of the pricier ones. In the end, it all comes down to the existing design and feature requirements and if the person isn’t willing to spend a lot of fortune, self-made templates are the ways to go.

Error Sensitivity

For someone creating templates from the scratch, errors and debugging worries are expected to show up. This is where premium, pre-made templates can perfectly do the job by updating the interface for revisions. Moreover, individuals creating templates often end up forgetting about the few parameters, unlike the pre-made options which are usually compacter and easier to work with.


Put simply, if a person has the necessary skill sets to show for, creating excel templates from scratch can just be the best option, in terms of feasibility and flexibility. Pre-made templates, however, can save a lot of time for the individuals; precisely by cutting out the debugging and customization worries. In the end, it all depends on the user preferences.