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(PC) Lenovo’s new Yoga 910 laptop declares war on bezels – Thetechtwiter

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We’ve already seen what might be the ultimate version of Lenovo’s Yoga hybrid, in the recent ThinkPad X1 Yoga model, with its stunning OLED display. But Lenovo now has a new Yoga model, a consumer version this time — one that one-ups that ThinkPad OLED version in a few very important ways.

The new Yoga 910 keeps the slim and unique-looking watchband hinge from the past couple of generations of consumer Yoga hybrids. This has the ability to fold its 360-degree hinge into a kiosk or stand mode, and all the way back into a big-screen Windows 10 tablet.

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But the 910 also manages to fit more screen into less space, upsizing the display to a 13.9-inch panel (essentially making this a 14-inch laptop), even though it’s just 14.3mm thick and looks and feels no bigger than last year’s 13-inch Yoga. That’s because, like only a handful of other very high-end laptops, the screen here goes nearly to the very edge of the lid, almost completely eliminating the bezel — that thick plastic or metal frame around most laptop and tablet screens.

High-end TVs have done an admirable job of eliminating screen bezels over the past few years, but only a couple of laptops have followed suit — such as the Dell XPS 13. That’s a shame, as it’s a fantastic design upgrade. You can also optionally take that display up to full 4K resolution, but we’ve often found that 4K laptops screens cost you more in battery life than you get back in visual fidelity.

Worldwide pricing and availability has yet to be announced, but the Yoga 910 is going to start at $1,299 in the US when it’s available later in September, and £1,099 in the UK. The US price converts to around AU$1,730.

Lenovo has another Windows hybrid coming soon as well. We have not had a chance to go hands-on with the new Miix 510 yet, but it’s part of the company’s detachable hybrid line, with a standalone Windows 10 tablet that attaches to a backlit keyboard dock. It’s closer in style to the Microsoft Surface than Lenovo’s 360-degree hinge Yoga hybrids.

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