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Improving Career Opportunities in Marketing— 7 Ideas that Work


Improving Career Opportunities in Marketing— 7 Ideas that Work

Marketing, precisely as a career choice, is much more than a unidirectional endeavor. Instead, the entire realm of marketing comprises of several activities and multiple facets with each denominator pointing towards a better sense of organizational ownership and customer requirements. Therefore, for pursuing a career in marketing, it is important to have a way with people, strategies, and words which eventually help individuals excel in their specific departments. Put simply, a career in marketing functions more like the connecting link between product and sales; thereby addressing the aspects of public relations, media planning, sales strategies, and advertising. For a marketing professional or an aspiring hustler, it is all about taking a generic product to a whole new level by associating the same with a brand name. This is why, marketing as a profession specifically aims at creating, managing, and even enhancing the brand image for the concerned clientele.

How to Address the Domain Evolution?

Marketing requirements of the modern era differ drastically as compared to the ones deployed a decade back. With the industry being at a highly dynamic crossroads and people spending a significant portion of their time over social media, it is important to consider marketing as a highly lucrative and rewarding profession. Marketing, as a domain, has gradually evolved and at present, we have diverse creative arenas to look at, precisely for optimizing brand presence.


Additionally, in 2018, it’s all about connecting with a wider audience base and engaging better with the customers. According to Maryville University, “Companies, both big and small, are looking for highly motivated professionals to create, manage, and analyze marketing plan, and that need is likely to grow in the digital age”

Improving Career Opportunities with Tried and Tested Ideas

Now when we have established the importance of marketing as a career choice and even explained the present day scenario, it is only appropriate to enlist certain ideas that can help individuals with their career choices. As mentioned, marketing isn’t a unidirectional profession and for a person to excel in this domain it is essential to incorporate some well thought out strategies and life-changing habits.

  • Learning Analytics

Every marketing job, regardless of the type, requires individuals to be well-versed with the analytics. For seamless brand optimization, it is important to understand and process the analytical side of data, in the best possible manner. Aspiring professionals must try to gain an edge over the competitors by quickly getting a hang of the analytical side, specifically for understanding the brand presence and improving upon the same.

  • Leveraging Strengths for Forming Habits

While analytics is more of a technical aspect, forming habits is something that aspiring marketing professionals must look forward to, in order to improve the career opportunities. Some of the leading marketing firms like Buffer have already established the fact that they prefer creating marketing teams with reliance on the individual strengths. That said, precisely everybody on a marketing team must possess base knowledge and even the foundation skills while having expertise in at least one channel. Therefore, aspirants must try to leverage the individual strengths and try forming habits that are focused towards better marketing goals.

  • Mastering Effective Writing

Effective writing is one tool that finds a lot of prominence in the field of marketing. While it helps brands communicate better with the audience, it also helps establish a certain level of synergy between the company and the customer. At present, the marketing arena is seriously facing a shortage of good writing skills and a professional possessing them can certainly move up the pecking order, at a rapid rate. Last but not the least, writing is one of the few timeless marketing skills in addition to communication and storytelling, meaning that they will always be valuable, regardless of domain evolution.

  • Pursuing Side Hustles

Although marketing is a niched profession, being a jack of all trades doesn’t do any harm to one’s reputation. An aspiring marketing professional who is still looking to find validation must be prepared to indulge in side hustles in addition to his or her regular gig. The marketing arena is fond of individuals who have a broad base of organizational skills in addition to a specific and exclusive strength. While a honed skill might improve the chances of hiring, having a well-rounded skill set allows one to grow and evolve.

  • Embracing the Industry

Only creative individuals can survive in this keenly contested and ever-changing organizational arena. With social platforms evolving on a daily basis, there are newer avenues to reach the target audiences. Therefore, professionals must quickly get a hang of the marketing industry and stay updated with the latest developments, trends, and news pieces.

  • Stop Perceiving Everything as Black or White

Marketing isn’t an industry that deals with extremes. That said, it’s more about data interpretation, evolving concepts, and creativity utilization. Therefore, professionals need to stop searching for clear answers while trying to get into a marketing team. This industry is best known for its blurred lines and every concept or approach is completely subjective and extremely relative to a company’s cause. Most of the marketing decisions are instigated by past experiences and gut feeling and certainly not by pre-defined assumptions.

  • Staying Eager to Learn

A savvy professional should always be eager to learn more about the industry and the existing implementations. This is the only way one can stay ahead of the changes and continued evolutions. No two marketing approaches must be similar and this can only be made possible if the aspirant keeps learning new technologies and techniques for staying abreast with the organizational requirements.

While these are some of the best ideas for improving the marketing career opportunities, another idea that works for the aspiring professionals is to think like journalists. This signifies that individuals must be critical about the marketing decisions and must look to ask the right set of questions for understanding the nooks and crannies of the marketing endeavors. For example, if the client blog suddenly experiences a surge in traffic, a good marketing professional must try to look into the reasons leading to the same, traffic demographic, and the possible strategies for repeating the feat.

A career or rather a successful career in marketing is more about preparation rather than implementation. While a marketing degree can help individuals understand the theoretical side of the industry, nothing beats hands-on experience when it comes to amplifying the chances of landing a highly rewarding marketing job.


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