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How to Update IOS Devices – iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Updates

Procedure to update your IOS devices and get the latest updates for IOS – Step by Step Procedure Guide

Ever since telephones made their debut in the world, they have evolved into a whole market centered around them and a whole world dependent on them. Graham Bell couldn’t have imagined that his invention would be used to such an extent.

IOS Update

Nowadays smart phones are the preferred communication device of the masses. They are equipped with amazing modern technology. The devices of today can do wonders; any single smart phone is almost like a mini computer and can perform all or most of the functions that a laptop can. They are even built with greater extensions like cameras and speakers. All of this technology in one’s palm is quite astonishing and I don’t think most people realize the value of it.


The world market leader in terms of innovation and a loyal customer base is Apple. Someone once said that Apple doesn’t have customers, it has fans. This is quite true because the amount of hype and social media prancing which exists around Apple’s devices doesn’t exist around most other devices.



Apple is famous for turning out devices and products that are path breaking in every which way. It is also notorious for having a controlling mind set whereby it seeks to control all of the user experience. Apple is also regarded highly owing to its own operating system called the iOS. It designs and develops this OS on its own. The OS functions smoothly and works like a dream with all of Apples lovely devices. It is often rated the best in the world by a variety of different authorities.

IOS Updates

With the advancement of technology at a rapid pace, better smart phones and handheld devices are available every day. This means that your device will become redundant in a short while if not for updates. Updates are added features for the apps on the device. The updates are available as soon as the developer develops an advanced version of his/her app. Updates make your phones and devices smarter and improve upon their functions within the limits of your device’s capacity. Apple plays it smart with this feature also and makes newer updates only compatible with certain newer versions of devices.

How to Update IOS

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To update your iOS you will simply have to follow the following steps:

  • Check the compatibility of your device. If your device your device is too old, you will not be able to update it.
  • Back up your device’s memory. If you have any important information on your phone or device then I’m sure that you don’t want it getting lost.
  • Clear up enough space on your hard drive. The update won’t begin unless you make enough space on your hard drive.
  • Charge your device. If you device doesn’t have enough charge, it may stop mid way during the process.
  • Start the update process
  • Set up your device. After the download is complete, you will be presented with an option that says slide to set up.
  • Decide whether you want location services enabled. This allows apps to determine your current location via the internet. 
  • Finish the set up process.

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