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How to Download Kik Messenger on Android?

Today, we are going to take you through a very simple tutorial on how you can download the famous Kik messenger on your Android-based smartphone. But, what is Kik? Well, according to the internet, it is mentioned as “just a simple messaging app.” But is it as simple as it looks like to public? Definitely not! It basically depends on how you use Kik to be. You just want to make friends, or you are looking for dates or hookups.

Let us now go through some of the criteria which you need to fulfill in order to use Kik full-fledged in your android based smartphone.

System Requirements for Kik Messenger on Your Android Smartphone

Before you download the Kik Messenger on your android smartphone, it is necessary that you need to go through the system requirement first. Or else, if by chance, your system doesn’t support, then you would be wasting data usage and also time, but nothing else.

Following mentioned are the system requirements for Kik Messenger on your android smartphone:

  • Supports Google Android from version 2.2 to all the versions above that, lately till version 8.0
  • A free internal memory space of your android smartphone of approximately around 3.5 MB
  • Requires an active data plan from your respective mobile network carrier or a working Wi-Fi connection, connected to your android smartphone.

Steps to Download Kik Messenger on Your Android Smartphone

Follow the simple steps mentioned below in order to download the Kik Messenger on your Android smartphone successfully.

  • Open “Play Store” by Google on your Android smartphone.
  • Search “Kik” on the search panel of Google Play Store.
  • Click on the application of Kik after searching, which would probably be on the first in the list.
  • Click on the option which says “Install.”
  • Google Play Store will now prompt you to allow and give permission to some of the access which is required by Kik Messenger to work on your Android smartphone.
  • After you have allowed accessing permission, the Kik Messenger will now start downloading on your android smartphone.
  • Open Kik Messenger on your Android smartphone after the application has been downloaded and installed by Kik Messenger.

Do remember that on the internet you will get a lot of normal websites claiming you to give Kik Messenger APK for free. It’s free in Google Play Store also. So why invite virus or any unwanted harm on your android smartphone when Google Play Store is there for you? Ignore those websites!


Getting Started with Kik Messenger on Your Android Smartphone

You need to make sure that you have done all the steps mentioned below properly in order to properly get started with the Kik Messenger on your android smartphone.

  • Downloading the application
  • Accepting the “terms of usage” of the application
  • Creating an account on Kik Messenger or Sign in with existing account
  • Look for people on Kik Messenger

Now, you are completely ready to go along with Kik Messenger. How difficult was the process? It seemed very easy. Don’t worry, when you do it practically, it is as easy as it seems. So, go ahead and start off with Kik Messenger.

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