Tips To Make Your Android Battery last long

Draining batteries in android devices has been a common concern for the smartphone users. Most of the smartphones have either a Lithium-Polymer battery or a lithium-ion battery. They don’t have a “memory” and that they can work on partial charging throughout their life. Batteries of this type also suffers from low voltage problems, so it is advisable to partially charge (20-90%) them. Check out a few tips to enhance the battery life of your device.



  • Go for a black or a dark coloured wallpaper

You can use a dark-coloured background wallpaper, if you are using a phone that has an amoled screen. Amoled screens can only light up the pixels which are coloured. So if you choose a black background, the device will need a lot less power to illuminate them.


  • Take a nap with the option Doze

With the advent of Marshmellow, a version of Android mobile OS, arrives a newly discovered feature Doze. This feature comes enabled on your device by default which lets your device to get into a hibernation when it has not been used for a long period. So this can save a few percent of the battery when you don’t use it during the whole night. However your applications may or may not use Doze, you can edit them in the settings.


  • Download And install Greenify

 Greenify is an Android app that comes with the assurance of increasing your device’s battery life to a considerable extent. This app hunts down the applications which though not in use, but continue to run secretly in the background.



  • Restrict the use of auto/adaptive brightness

As the screen consumes a lot of battery, it is better that you adjust the brightness manually. Auto-brightness may be helpful, but it is usually much brighter than you actually need.


  • Set a shorter display screen timeout

 One of the best ways to improve your phone’s battery life is to keep your screen timeout as short as possible. According to a survey, it has been revealed that, on an average, a user turn on his or her smartphone 150 times throughout a day.  So it is very much obvious that setting a long screen timeout will drain your battery fast.


  • You don’t always have to make your phone smart

 If you are not really using the smart features of your phone, then turn them off. Smart features such as smart scrolling, air gestures, fingerprint scanners unnecessarily consume the battery of your device.


  • Turn off the Haptics and Vibration mode

 Do switch off the vibrate mode, unless you really in need of that additional awareness. You can also turn off the haptics which allows you to feel a sense of touch when you type on the keyboard. This doesn’t do you any good and is in turn a battery drainer.


  • Using lock screen notification can be helpful

Lock screen notification comes with Android Lollipop or above version. Using this can be helpful because you don’t have to turn on the whole screen as you can have a quick look at your notifications even if your screen is locked. If you are using a version below Lollipop, you can try using the lock screen notifications or widgets if your ROM supports it. Else you can download an application which can work exactly the same for you.


  • Do not use a duplicate battery

It is advisable to use only an original battery. Saving money might cost you a damaged smartphone. Stick to the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) battery to ensure your phone’s longevity.


  • Detach yourself from the connectivity

You don’t always have to be connected. Turn off the features like Wi-Fi, mobile data, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC if you don’t really need them. It makes sense if you have a Wi-Fi at your home or office, as it uses more power to reconnect every time you use it.


  • Too much of widgets are a strict no

You are not making your battery last long by having multiple widgets in the home screens which are incessantly updating and syncing themselves to your accounts.


  • Manage your apps wisely

There is an Auto-update apps” feature in the app settings of your phone. This is for a reason that the manufacturers constantly pings you to update apps. It is mostly to optimize the battery or the memory. Also delete the apps which are no longer in use. You can also turn off the auto-sync option for Google accounts. It is not necessary to update each Google account every 15 minutes.


  • Select the battery saving mode

 Almost every Rom has a setting to optimize the battery consumption. It depends on the phone you use like Samsung has “Ultra Power Saving Mode”, HTC has “Extreme Power Saving Mode” and Sony has a “Stamina Mode” etc. If you don’t have the above options, do find the simple battery saver mode which is usually available in every Android.


  • Disable Ok Google hotword

 However, Ok Google voice searching is a very functional tool, people don’t use it very often. Go to Apps/Applications => click on Accounts and select the Google account to go to the Search option. Click on the Voice option in the Privacy section => select Ok Google hotword detection. It would be better for your battery if you uncheck all the available boxes.