Tips To Make Your Android Battery last long

Draining batteries in android devices has been a common concern for the smartphone users. Most of the smartphones have either a Lithium-Polymer battery or a lithium-ion battery. They don’t have a “memory” and that they can work on partial charging throughout their life. Batteries of this type also suffers from low voltage problems, so it is advisable to partially charge (20-90%) them. Check out a few tips to enhance the battery life of your device.



  • Go for a black or a dark coloured wallpaper

You can use a dark-coloured background wallpaper, if you are using a phone that has an amoled screen. Amoled screens can only light up the pixels which are coloured. So if you choose a black background, the device will need a lot less power to illuminate them.


  • Take a nap with the option Doze

With the advent of Marshmellow, a version of Android mobile OS, arrives a newly discovered feature Doze. This feature comes enabled on your device by default which lets your device to get into a hibernation when it has not been used for a long period. So this can save a few percent of the battery when you don’t use it during the whole night. However your applications may or may not use Doze, you can edit them in the settings.


  • Download And install Greenify

 Greenify is an Android app that comes with the assurance of increasing your device’s battery life to a considerable extent. This app hunts down the applications which though not in use, but continue to run secretly in the background.



  • Restrict the use of auto/adaptive brightness

As the screen consumes a lot of battery, it is better that you adjust the brightness manually. Auto-brightness may be helpful, but it is usually much brighter than you actually need.


  • Set a shorter display screen timeout

 One of the best ways to improve your phone’s battery life is to keep your screen timeout as short as possible. According to a survey, it has been revealed that, on an average, a user turn on his or her smartphone 150 times throughout a day.  So it is very much obvious that setting a long screen timeout will drain your battery fast.


  • You don’t always have to make your phone smart

 If you are not really using the smart features of your phone, then turn them off. Smart features such as smart scrolling, air gestures, fingerprint scanners unnecessarily consume the battery of your device.


  • Turn off the Haptics and Vibration mode

 Do switch off the vibrate mode, unless you really in need of that additional awareness. You can also turn off the haptics which allows you to feel a sense of touch when you type on the keyboard. This doesn’t do you any good and is in turn a battery drainer.


  • Using lock screen notification can be helpful

Lock screen notification comes with Android Lollipop or above version. Using this can be helpful because you don’t have to turn on the whole screen as you can have a quick look at your notifications even if your screen is locked. If you are using a version below Lollipop, you can try using the lock screen notifications or widgets if your ROM supports it. Else you can download an application which can work exactly the same for you.


  • Do not use a duplicate battery

It is advisable to use only an original battery. Saving money might cost you a damaged smartphone. Stick to the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) battery to ensure your phone’s longevity.


  • Detach yourself from the connectivity

You don’t always have to be connected. Turn off the features like Wi-Fi, mobile data, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC if you don’t really need them. It makes sense if you have a Wi-Fi at your home or office, as it uses more power to reconnect every time you use it.


  • Too much of widgets are a strict no

You are not making your battery last long by having multiple widgets in the home screens which are incessantly updating and syncing themselves to your accounts.


  • Manage your apps wisely

There is an Auto-update apps” feature in the app settings of your phone. This is for a reason that the manufacturers constantly pings you to update apps. It is mostly to optimize the battery or the memory. Also delete the apps which are no longer in use. You can also turn off the auto-sync option for Google accounts. It is not necessary to update each Google account every 15 minutes.


  • Select the battery saving mode

 Almost every Rom has a setting to optimize the battery consumption. It depends on the phone you use like Samsung has “Ultra Power Saving Mode”, HTC has “Extreme Power Saving Mode” and Sony has a “Stamina Mode” etc. If you don’t have the above options, do find the simple battery saver mode which is usually available in every Android.


  • Disable Ok Google hotword

 However, Ok Google voice searching is a very functional tool, people don’t use it very often. Go to Apps/Applications => click on Accounts and select the Google account to go to the Search option. Click on the Voice option in the Privacy section => select Ok Google hotword detection. It would be better for your battery if you uncheck all the available boxes.

Installing Windows 8 From USB

Do you install Windows often on your PC? Do you look for another way out? Do you want to make the same easier with a “bootable Windows USB installation drive”? Are you living in a panic of downloading the setup files and scratching the installation DVD every time you install Windows on your PC?  Check out some of our solutions.

  • Installing a free burning program: If you already have a copy of Windows 8 (downloadable ISO) from Microsoft, you can proceed to the next step. Else you can go online to find a free burning program which can create ISO files.
  • Inserting Windows 8 DVD: Open the burning program. Find an option called Create Image or Copy to Image. You can select the DVD drive as your source.
  • Saving ISO file: Choose the file location as per your convenience. The size of your ISO and the copying disk will be equal. So make sure whether there is enough space available in your storage as it can take many Gigabytes of the space. However, it may take you long to create the ISO as it strictly depends on the speed of your hard drive and computer.


  • Downloading Windows 7 DVD/USB download tool: In spite of the name Windows 7, this tool also works with this version of Windows. Microsoft has made this available for free.
  • Selecting the source file: Click on Browse and select the file that you have created in the first part. After making your selection, click Next to proceed.
  • Selecting the USB device: You will be allowed to create a DVD/USB install. Click on the USB device.
  • Choosing the USB drive from the attached devices: You need to make sure that your flash drive is properly connected. A minimum of 4 GB of space on your flash drive is required to copy the installation. Then click on Begin Copying.
  • Let the program work for a while: It can take up to 15-20 minutes to format the USB drive and copy the ISO file.


  • Set the computer to boot from the USB
  • Opening the BIOS: First, set the BIOS to boot from the USB drive. Reset the computer. Hit the key (usually F2, F10, F12 or Del) to enter the setup.
  • Going to the boot menu in the BIOS: Change 1st Boot Device to your USB drive. Make sure that you have inserted it.
  • Saving the changes and rebooting: If you have properly set the boot order, the manufacturer’s logo would disappear and your Windows 8 installation will start loading.

  • Install Windows 8
  • Selecting your language: Once the installation starts, you will be asked to select installation language, time and currency format, input method and your language. Click Next to proceed.
  • Installing: Click on Install Now to start the installation process.
  • Entering your product key: You need to enter the 25 character product key which comes with the purchased copy of Windows 8. In the previous versions, Windows has allowed the users to register the product key within 60 days after the installation. But you don’t have this option in Windows 8.
  • Accepting the license agreement: Read the agreement once and check the box which reads I accept the license terms. Click Next.
  • Selecting custom install: You will be given two options here. Select the Custom install which will ensure you to proceed with a complete installation. Selecting Upgrade may cause performance issues in the long run.
  • Deleting the partition: You will see a window which reads Where do you want to install Windows. You have to clean and delete the old partitions to ensure a safe install. Click on Drive Options (Advanced). Choose the partition of the existing OS and click Delete. If there are multiple partitions on your hard drive, make your choice carefully else you may end up deleting some important stuff. Click Ok to confirm the deletion.
  • Selecting the unallocated space: Select the unallocated space drive and click
  • Let Windows install the files: It may take up to 30 minutes for Windows to install the features and updates. Once it is done, it will take the restart automatically.
  • Let Windows collect the information: Once the computer reboots, you will see a logo of Windows 8. At the bottom, there will be a text reading Getting devices ready__%. This is the time when Windows collects the information from the hardware. Once it is done, the text will read Getting ready. Your PC will take a restart again.
  • Personalising Windows 8: Now you will be prompted to choose and pick the colour scheme for your computer. Then give your PC a name (enter the user’s name). Click You can change this anytime in the settings.
  • Choosing your wireless network: you will be prompted to choose a network. This step will be skipped automatically if you don’t have any wireless card driver installed on your PC.
  • Manage your settings: You will find two options in the settings window. Click on Use express settings to enable Windows Defender, automatic updates and error reporting to Microsoft etc. If you want to set it yourself manually, you can click on the Customize
  • Creating an account: You have to create an account to log in to the Windows. If you are logging in using a Microsoft account, you will be eligible to make all the purchases within the Windows store. Else you can go to the option Sign in without a Microsoft account and enter your e-mail id.
  • Using new Windows: After you choose all your settings, Windows will go through a final loading process. In the meantime, you will be shown several screens to demonstrate the tutorial to use Windows 8. Once the loading is done, you will be ready with your Start screen.



10 tips and tricks to use Google Search

Available in 123 languages, Google Web Search or Google Search or Google is the most-used search engine on the World Wide Web. It handles over three billion searches every day. Here we are providing you with some of the best tips and tricks to use Google Search.

    • Using the quotes: Try to use quotes when you are searching for a specific thing. For example, if you are searching for “Pregnant Cat Food”, the search engine will look out for the available content that has those three words in any context or order. Using quotes can help you locate and sort out particular information that may be hidden under other contents. This is one of the best tips to use Google Search.


    • Using the tabs: Define the kind of search you want with tabs. When you search something in Google, you are presented with a number of tabs such as Web, News, Images, Videos By doing this, you can cut your search time to a great extent.



  • Excluding words using a hyphen: When you search for an ambiguous word, you may get all the searches with more than one interpretation. For example, if you are searching for the word Bullet, you will get results for different interpretations like the bullets used in Gun or the bullets used while writing a word document or the Bullet, a bike manufactured by Royal Enfield. If you use a hyphen (for example, “Bullet –gun”), Google will exclude the content related to that particular word.


  • Searching a particular site by using a colon: When you are searching for content on a specific site, you may try using this syntax— “William Shakespeare”. This will remove all the other results associated with Shakespeare and will straight away direct you to the site where you exactly want to go.


  • Finding a page that is linked to another: If you are looking for the pages that are linked to a specific page, you can try out this syntax— “”. You will get all the pages that are linked to the PatentBolt’s official website.


  • Using the asterisk wildcard: This is one of the most useful ways to make Google search for something that even you don’t know. For example, if you are searching for a song lyrics and you don’t know the exact words, you can try out this syntax—“Just*be*you”. It may sound weird to you, but Google searches for that phrase perceiving that the asterisks can actually be any word. In this case, you may find the lyrics of Enrique’s famous song “Just wanna be with you”.


  • Finding similar sites: If you want to browse new sites, this trick will surely work for you. For example, you prefer the site “” for all your shopping needs. But soon it starts getting boring and you want to look for other options. You can try this syntax— “”. Google will find the sites similar to Flipkart like Amazon, Snapdeal etc.


  • Using the word used by the websites: When we search for a particular thing, we usually use the same language that we use for speaking. We should try using the language that sounds direct and professional. For example “I have a lean body” could be replaced by “gaining muscles” or “My leg hurts badly” could be replaced by “sprain relief”. Also, use important words instead of a long line while searching. For example, “Where can I find a Thai restaurant that serves awesome food” can be replaced by “good Thai restaurants nearby”. This is one of the best tricks to use Google Search.


  • Searching for a specific file: Google has the ability to search specific files or file type. You can search a particular PowerPoint or PDF file. Try using the syntax— “*search your term* filetype:pdf”.


  • Searching mathematical values, constants and converting unit/currency: You can use Google for calculations, solving basic mathematical problems, asking for the number values of the constants, converting the measurement units and currency values. For example, if you want to convert 100 miles to km, you can search for “10 miles to km” instead of writing the whole thing.


Download The latest Version Of Clean Master 5.11.6: Your Android’s Best Companion

Simple, accurate and fast, Clean Master is a free optimizer which is your Android’s best friend. It is developed by Cheetah Mobile. Clean Master is the world’s most downloaded free cleaning app and is used by over a whopping 200 million people globally. It helps you to boost memory, retrieve storage, elevate speed and protect your device against the risk of being damaged by the malicious applications and viruses. Has it ever happened to you that your device has become laggy and slows down very often? Or the battery is draining like never before? Or your device starts overheating when you use your device for a long period? Or you don’t get space to install apps? The only way out is Clean Master. You can easily download and install Clean Master from the Google Play Store.


  • Junk File Cleaner: The developers have already analyzed the junk-creating trait of applications so they made Clean Master to delete the residual and cache files to retrieve storage, boost the speed of your device and enhance the performance of your SD card and device.



  • CPU Cooler: It cools down your device by controlling the applications that cause your device to overheat thereby making the battery life long.



  • Memory Boost: It boosts your games and apps, saves battery and speeds up your device. The one tap boost and game boost allows the user to optimise it directly from their home screen.


  • Game Booster: It automatically boosts up your game speed by 30% when launching new games.


  • Antivirus: It has been ranked number 1 by AV-TEST. A quality antivirus service that scans the device in 8 seconds, much faster than the other paid antivirus applications. It scans the system, scans user-installed and other pre-installed apps keeping your device protected from Trojans, viruses, spyware and adware.



  • App Lock: You can lock your contacts, apps, installed apps and the gallery with passwords or patterns. Maintaining your privacy can never be so easy.



  • Autostart Manager: It prevents the applications from autostarting thereby increasing the speed of your device.

(Note: You need to root your device to use this feature.)


  • App Manager: It uninstalls bloatware and the other unwanted applications and backs up the useful ones. With some of the rooted device, you can be able to move your apps to your SD card and also uninstall previously installed/system apps.


  • Duplicate Photo Remover: It has the ability to identify similar and blurred photos automatically giving you the option to choose what to keep and what to delete.



  • Supported Languages: English, German, French, Arabic, Chinese, Bulgarian, Dutch, Czech, Croatian, Greek, Indonesian, Hungarian, Hebrew, Japanese, Polish, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Norwegian, Russian, Slovak, Thai, Serbian, Romanian, Spanish, Turkish, Vietnamese, Ukrainian, Malay.






Upgrade Your Windows 7 Or 8.1 To The Latest Version Of Windows 10

According to Microsoft, it has been reported that Windows 10 has been already installed on over 200 million PCs worldwide. Here we are describing you the process to upgrade your Windows 7 or 8.1 to the latest version of Windows 10. Before upgrading, be sure to back up your photos and other data so that you can retrieve it anytime afterwards.

  • Go to the download page of Microsoft’s Windows 10 and click on the button Download tool now. Saving the file is not needed. Select the option Run.
  • You will see a window which reads What do you want to do? You will be given two options—Upgrade this PC now and Create the installation media for another PC. Select the first option. You cannot perform a clean install as a part of the free update as you don’t have the product key. Windows 10 will be automatically activated online after you upgrade it from a permitted copy of Windows 7 or 8.1.
  • The Windows 10 download will start shortly afterwards. This process may take up to an hour depending on the speed of your internet.
  • If you like to install Windows 10 on a separate PC or on multiple PCs, you need to create a bootable USB/DVD. Choose the option USB flash drive. Just make sure that you have a 4GB USB drive.

This is a much easier way to install Windows 10 rather than to deal with ISO files as the download tool does everything for you. Or else, you can choose the option ISO file if you want to convert the downloaded files to an ISO. Next, you need to choose the language and architecture to create a bootable drive (with both 32 and 64-bit versions). The most important part is that you need to choose the correct edition.

  • You will be prompted to accept the license terms. The installer will scan your PC to check whether it is compatible with Windows 10 and that if it has enough space to download the updates.
  • You will again be prompted to install Windows 10 and your PC will take a reboot. The Windows logo will flash on the screen. You need to select the language. Choose the option UK English. Windows 10 will automatically start installing. Apart from the security software (antivirus), it will keep all your files, programs and settings.
  • You will be presented with the desktop of Windows 10. Give some time to Windows to search for the drivers (e.g. graphics card driver) which are there on your hardware. You are now ready to use Windows 10.



Ways To Avoid Installing Unwanted Software

One of the effortless ways to make your PC into one messed with various malware and unwanted programs is to grab the free software and apps from the misleading sites. The problem lies in the fact that search engines like Google and Bing can exactly lead you to the sites where you should not go. When you search for software like Adobe Flash Player, Java etc., you will often find the links of the sponsored search results and ads related to your search. These links try their best to secretly and silently install software on your PC which you may not want.

Here we are providing some of the ways you can manage to avoid installing the unwanted software.

  • Avoid clicking on the sponsored links

Be very attentive when you click on the link for your desired software. Avoid clicking on the links which are there in the slight yellowish colour boxes, or otherwise implied as ads. Don’t forget that someone is paying for them to be placed there. Moreover, they are doing no good for your benefit.


Note: These sponsored links are restricted only when you are downloading software. They may not suggest the same thing for other types of searches.


  • Get your downloads from the best possible source

Try to download the software from the official sites whenever possible. When you are searching for a particular software, try focussing on the URL before you are clicking and make sure that you are getting your software directly from the developer. For example, download Acrobat from or iTunes from Apple. If you are not familiar with the developer, you can check the website’s name in the search engine itself. Suppose you want to check the developer of VLC video player, you can search for VLC’s maker’s name or official website in the search bar. It is worth spending some extra time in doing a few research rather than wasting hours to deal with those unwanted programs.


  • Make yourself familiar with some trusted websites

Downloading software directly from the developers is always a great option. But there are many dependable sites like Cnet,, and Tucows which have been some of the biggest repositories of the trial or free software and doing the rounds since quite a few years. If you cannot find your search in any of the suggested downloading platforms, then it is questionable that what you are downloading.


  • You may still be bogged down by unwanted software

Even if you download things from their official site or from other trusted sites, the unwanted programs or toolbars will still try to make every effort to tag along. They may push something extra with the free install file like adding toolbars and try changing your search or default browser. This is frustrating, but we can at least afford that.

Actually, if you pay a bit of attention, you can avoid having something extra. Don’t click on any user agreements, uncheck the options to skip toolbars and always click the Decline button. Don’t worry, you will still be able to get that program. Apart from this, avoid using the Express Install option as it may push you towards something you don’t need. It has been very often found that clicking the Custom Install option allows the user to find hidden options letting you discard the junk before it makes entry to your device.


  • Scroll and go through the list of installed apps

Check your app list whenever possible, at least once in a month. This will allow you to find which app you need and what you don’t. Delete the old apps which you no longer use. Also, uninstall those which you don’t remember or you can’t recognise. You can download it later if you feel it is important.


Download the latest version of Fallout Shelter for iOS and Android

Fallout Shelter is a free mobile simulation (where players have to build, manage and expand projects with finite resources) video game. It is developed by Bethesda Game Studios, assisted by Behaviour Interactive and published by Bethesda Softworks. The game series was first released on June 14, 2015, for iOS devices and then on August 13, 2015, for Android devices worldwide. Upon its release, it mostly gathered positive reviews. It became the 3rd highest grosser in the iOS App Store on the day of its release. After the first two weeks of its release, the game grossed $5.1 million in the microtransaction sales.

Let us talk about the features and the gameplay of Fallout Shelter. The main focus of the game is to build, explore and manage a vault. The players have to be the leader, supervisor and coordinator of the vault. They have to direct and guide the people of the vault and take care of them by meeting their needs like food, water and power. They also have to rescue the residents from the barren lands or wastelands and recruit them to the various resource-producing building in their vault. They can do this with the help of SPECIAL statistics system (representing seven attributes to define the Fallout characters: “Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility and Luck”). A player can develop these characters’ statistics by training them in the devoted rooms. Over the time, the dwellers can be raised to the higher levels and can be given weapons and items to succeed in different tasks. A player can also increase the number of dwellers by waiting for the new ones to arrive from the wasteland or by making a male and a female dweller live together in the living quarters so that they can have babies.

The most important part of the game is to balance resources such as power, food and water. The iOS gamers can also receive five free lunchboxes with prizes, new weapons and armour for their dweller etc. in them. They will also have a new “Legendary” Dweller: Piper.

The latest update provides us with a new Survival Mode for the players who want some extra challenge. Apart from this, the new update has also added a Statistic Page to the Dweller’s Survival Guide, letting the players maintain a track of their Dweller stats, their total playing time, resource production rates etc. Moreover, the player can make extra weapons by defeating other raiders during invasions and also earn extra currency i.e. Caps as they raid Mysterious Stranger.

You can download Fallout Shelter for free on the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store.


Best Android Apps for Railway Passengers

As we all know, railways, in our country, is one of the most used and favoured modes of travel. With the rapid growth in the Indian travel industry, it seems that they too are welcoming the latest mobile trends with equal appreciation and enthusiasm. In this fast paced world, people usually tend to get disheartened at the thought of having to wait in the long queues. However, in the last few years, IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) has been trying their best to simplify the process of ticketing for their passengers. Let us discuss some of the best railway applications in the Android market.

  • The official IRCTC Connect App
  • It uses the to operate.
  • New users can register directly from the app.
  • An easy one-step login for the existing users.
  • Search and book the train tickets.
  • View and cancel the tickets.
  • Retains the recently added passenger details.
  • Gives the upcoming journey alerts.

Download Link: Google Play Store


  • Ixigo Indian Rail and Trains
  • Developed by PNR Status.
  • Search for trains between the destinations.
  • Check the availability of trains 6 days prior to the desired date of travel.
  • Search for trains with the train names and numbers.
  • Easy train running status.
  • Get real-time running status and availability for over 2500 trains.
  • Check out the different routes for multiple trains so as to choose the convenient option.
  • Get the PNR status updates, fare enquiry
  • Find your seats as per your convenience.
  • Stations and stoppage time information.
  • Station alarms to wake you up before your train reaches the station.
  • For bookings, it will automatically redirect you to the IRCTC official app.


Download Link: Google Play Store


  • Rail Yatri- Indian Railways
  • Train enquiry based on GPS, share trips via Whatsapp and track your friend’s journey.
  • Predict PNR status with accuracy.
  • Check timetables even when you are offline.
  • Check platform numbers to avoid entering the wrong side of the station.
  • Check the waiting list seat availability having the best chance of confirmation.
  • Check out seat and berth layout.
  • Fare enquiry and fare calculator.
  • Get the confirmation message from IRCTC automatically.
  • Make your food ordering easy.
  • Medical emergencies: Check hospitals near your stations.
  • Low data consumption.

Download Link: Google Play Store

  • Indian Train Alarm
  • Developed by Anagog India, apart from the above mentioned features, this app has a train alarm tool which allows a passenger to set an alarm when his/her train is 5km or 25 km from a specific station.
  • Internet connection is not needed for the alarm to work.
  • It has an error margin of around ½ km.


Download Link: Google Play Store


  • Indian Rail Info
  • Get transit-related information.
  • Search trains, PNR status
  • Seat availability for the trains running from major stations as well as between two stations.
  • Arrival and departure
  • Seat upgrade status.
  • New train number finder.
  • Fare enquiry.


Download Link: Google Play Store


  • PNR Status and Train Info
  • Check PNR status of all printable tickets from the IRCTC account.
  • Train schedules by train name and numbers.
  • Train status maps.
  • Trains between stations.
  • Running status of a train.
  • Seat availability.
  • Arrivals and departures at a station.
  • Fare enquiry.
  • Save your IRCTC e-ticket reservation slip (ERS).
  • Saves the schedule of the train automatically as to check it later even without internet connection.

Download Link: Google Play Store


Revo Uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller is a utility software which uninstalls programs for Microsoft Windows and in addition removes files and entries of Windows registry (a database which stores the low-level settings and applications that choose the registry) that are left behind by the Windows uninstall functions. It is developed by VS Revo Group.

Features of Revo Uninstaller Pro (Professional)

  • Uninstaller: The search option in the uninstaller finds the list of installed apps just by entering the first few alphabets of their name. Using advanced algorithms, it can search the drivers, Windows services, Shell extensions, File associations, COM components, program settings and much more.
  • Forced Uninstall: This feature allows the user to clean the leftovers of incomplete installations and already installed programs keeping the accuracy and safety of the results. It also helps to remove the unlisted programs corrupted installed programs.
  • Quick and Multiple Uninstall: Use the quick uninstall tool to uninstall multiple programs at one go.
  • Real-Time Installation Monitor: This feature allows the user to monitor the installation of a program. It identifies and detects the system changes throughout the installation process simultaneously and corrects it accordingly.
  • Logs Database: It has a logs database of the traced programs managed by the Revo Uninstaller Pro’s team. These logs are stored on their web server so that the user can use them to uninstall the programs.
  • Manage Installation Logs: A user can edit and manage the data and properties, import or export a log to his/her own Revo Uninstaller Pro.
  • Multi-Level Backup System: The uninstaller creates the backups of the removed files, folders, values and registry keys.

The other levels include—creating system restore point, full registry backup before each uninstall and full registry backup of each day after Revo Uninstaller Pro started.

  • Hunter Mode: This mode allows the user to uninstall, delete or stop the programs by simply dragging the Hunter window, quickly launch toolbars in the open program’s window.

Additional Cleaning Tools

  • Junk File Cleaner: It allows the user to clean different types of junk and unwanted files that are created by the Windows apps.
  • Windows Tool: This feature gives you a quick and one-click access to many Windows utilities such as — System Restore, Network Information, System Properties, Disk Defragmenter, Shared Folders etc.
  • Autorun Manager: Manage the programs that automatically load at the time of Windows startup. The user can easily enable or disable apps from auto starting. Also, get the detailed information like the program’s description, publisher, launch path etc.
  • Cleaners: In addition, Revo Uninstaller Pro also has Browsers Cleaner, MS Office Cleaner and Windows Cleaner.
  • Evidence Remover: Restore the data you have deleted even from the recycle bin. There is even a chance to recover the deleted data from 10 years older PC.
  • Unrecoverable Delete: This feature makes it impossible to retrieve your deleted data for better safety even with the expensive and advanced tools available on the market.





Download Candy Crush

Candy Crush Saga is a British-Swedish tile-matching puzzle video game developed by, a British Facebook game developing team. It was launched worldwide on April 12, 2012, for Facebook, on November 14, 2012, for iOS and on December 14, 2014, for Android. Candy Crush Saga is now owned by Activision Blizzard as a part of an acquisition deal.

Let us discuss the Gameplay of Candy Crush Saga. A player has to make special candies by matching, joining and merging 4 or 5 candies in a specific manner. The special candies like “Stripped” candy that removes either a column or an entire row, “Wrapped” candy which clears the surrounding 8 candies by exploding and acts like a bomb, “Color Bomb” which helps in removing the candies of the same colour with which it is matched. A player can also match the special candies together to produce various effects. Other special candies include Jelly Fish, the Coconut Wheel and Lucky candy. There is a Booster Wheel which gives the player a chance to win a jackpot of all the boosters in a single spin.

To add an extra challenge, other Blockers appear on the scene. Icing can only be cleared by matching the one next to it, Chocolate pieces start multiplying if not cleared at a particular time, Liquorice Swirls cannot be cleared by the Special candies, Candy Bombs can end the level early by exploding if they are not cleared, Marmalade protects the Special candies from using, Mystery candies can randomly turn into a Blocker or a Special candy and so on.

The players can purchase different Boosters to win or to continue the game after losing a level. Lollipop Hammer can be used to clear a single piece from one board, Free Switch is used to switch two different pieces, Sweet teeth is used to remove Jelly and Blockers, Bomb Cooler is used to adding onto the timers if the time runs out. The Dreamworld levels have their special boosters like the Restore Balance booster to reset the Moon Scale for more 5 turns and Moon Struck booster which activate the Moon Struck automatically.

There are various hacks and cheats available online for the players, who are trying to play this game without being lost. As the game requires different resources to proceed, a player needs to have an unlimited stock of the resources. The features of Candy Crush Saga cheats and hack tool include:

  • It is very easy to understand and use.
  • This tool is compatible with every device and is available for facebook, iPhone, iPad and Android.
  • Get the daily updates for cheats and hacks to ensure the functionality.
  • Get unlimited Lives, Boosters and Power-ups, Lollipop Hammers.
  • Unlock different Charms like Charm of Life, Charm of Frozen Time and Charm of Stripes.
  • Get extra 5 moves per level.
  • Go 100% undetectable.
  • No root or jailbreak is needed.
  • A good user-friendly interface. You just have to log in, connect your device and activate the hack.