Ola Cabs Apk: The simplest and fastest way to book a cab in your city

OlaCabs, popularly known as Ola, is an online transportation network company based in India. It was founded by Bhavish Aggarwal, who is currently the CEO of OlaCabs, and Ankit Bhati on December 3, 2010. Currently headquartered in Bangalore, OlaCabs has a network of more than 300,000 cars across 100 cities as of 2015.

Ola offers a variety of cab services from starting from economic to luxury level. The cabs can be booked through the mobile app and the payment can be made with Ola Money which supports both cash and cashless modes. The Ola cabs apk offers the simplest and fastest way to book a cab in your city.



How it works:

  • Set your pickup location, for example, your current location, Home, Railway Station, Mall, Office etc.
  • See the map to look for the cabs available in your location.
  • Choose the type of cab according to your preference and click on RIDE NOW.
  • Get the confirmation instantly with every possible ride details.
  • You can also track the position of a cab as it reaches your location.

Type of cabs:

  • Micro: Most affordable AC cab.
  • Mini: Hatchback ride.
  • Sedan: 4-seater sedans for extra comfort.
  • Prime: Wi-Fi enabled sedans with efficient drivers.


Ola Cabs Apk Features:

  • A smooth and quick signup process.
  • The fares start from Rs.6 per km making it the most affordable cab booking application.
  • Get fare details of other taxis. Press and hold the category icons to get the rate card.
  • Keep your Ola Money Wallet recharged to enjoy a cashless ride.


  • Get the estimated cost of your journey even before booking the cab. Click on Ride Estimate and enter your travel destination.
  • Choose Ola Share to reduce the cab fare up to 50%. It works by matching your travelling route to other Ola users so that you can share the cab with them. You can wish to travel with your classmates and colleagues.
  • Find more options to book a taxi as Ola has now partnered with the local transport services to make them an essential part of their journey.
  • Not just the cabs, you can also book auto rickshaws i.e. Ola Autos using the same app (This service is currently available in more than 20 cities).
  • Ola Corporate is made available to the companies to look after the employee travel management.


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