Make your smartphone battery last long with Carat app

Draining battery is one of the most alarming problems for smartphone users. Have you ever thought why your smartphone’s battery draining so fast? In this article, we are going to discuss an app which may prove to be helpful in this regard. There is an app called Carat which is the first application that creates personalized recommendations to improve the battery life of your device.

Carat was first started at the AMP Lab, UC Berkeley, in collaboration with the University of Helsinki. Carat is under the process of active development by a group of researchers in the NODES Group which is under the department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki. This app is available for Android and iOS users.

Carat consumes almost no battery. Neither does it use GPS nor it runs in the continuously background. After installing Carat app in the device, the user must open the application every few days so that it can send data to its servers. After analyzing the user’s behaviour of using the device for about a week, it will start recommending reports just for the user. In addition, it will also predict the improvements. Using its advanced machine learning techniques, it figures out which app is responsible for the hog or which apps are bugs.

As the user uses his/her device, Carat makes the calculations and sends them to Carat’s blackened servers in the cloud from time to time. After applying some algorithms, they determine the actions that help the user to take the steps so that their device can use less energy.


  • Creates an Actions List determining the ways to improve the battery life of the device. Also, it tells the user how much improvement to expect.
  • Detailed device information regarding the exact data they are recording.
  • Reports the applications consuming lots of energy and takes note of whether the same is happening on other devices too.
  • The detailed views let the user look deep into the data.
  • The app’s low-overhead sampling consumes almost no CPU or energy.
  • The J-Score tells the user about their device’s battery efficiency as compared to others.
  • It allows the user to share their experiences by posting tweets/blogs. The more users mean the more data and better recommendations.



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