Google Opinion Rewards: The simplest way to get the paid apps for free

 Many of us are not aware of the fact that Google has offered a legal way for the Android users to get the paid apps free in Google Play Store. Google Opinion Rewards is an app that allows the user to earn instant Google Play credits by answering quick surveys. These credits can be used to purchase paid apps in the Play Store. Let us discuss Google Opinion Rewards, how it works and how can the users make the most of this app.

Google Opinion Rewards comes as a market research tool. The users are paid with some rewards after they participate in the surveys. The surveys are more likely done for academic or commercial purposes. At first, the user needs to download the application and answer some basic questions about themselves. The user will get a notification when a relevant survey is ready. If a user participates in a brief survey, he/she is presented with a reward of up to $1 in Play credits. If the users are lucky enough, they might end up having ample credits to afford an app within a couple of weeks.

Note: It should be noted that Google Opinion Reward is available only for the users in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Brazil and Germany. Google is planning to roll out this app in more countries.



Getting more surveys on Google Opinion Rewards:

  • Ensure that you have enabled the notification for the app so that you don’t miss any surveys, especially the limited-time ones. The best way to make yourself more interesting to Google is the rate of response you give to the surveys. The faster the better.
  • Opt for the location-based surveys as there are many surveys which are based on the locations and places you visit. Make sure that your GPS is turned on.
  • You can also send your feedbacks to Google if you are not getting enough surveys or answering the same questions again and again.
  • Be very careful while answering the surveys as Google may include some fake multiple-choice questions. It is advisable, to be honest otherwise, you might get lesser surveys or be entirely blacklisted.
  • Open the app regularly and make yourself more dedicated person to Google.
  • Tell Google if you are visiting a certain store to make Google notice that you like buying things. This can help you in getting more surveys.


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