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Geometry Dash is a mobile and Steam (software providing users to install and update games on multiple computers) game developed by Robert Topala, a Sweden-based developer and published by RobTop Games, his own company. It was first released for iOS and Android on August 13, 2013, and for Steam on December 22, 2014. It is currently available for iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone and OS X

Geometry Dash can be downloaded from Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Steam, Windows App Store and Amazon App Store. The main features of the game include a level editor, user-created levels, map packs, several game modes, user and secret coins, a variety of icons and a secret vault. There is a unique background music for each level.



Let us discuss the gameplay of Geometry Dash. The player has to control different vehicles that react when he/she presses any place on the screen and can be made to interact repeatedly with a simple clicking system. The player is not allowed to control the speed of the icon. The speed can only be changed by clicking on a speed changing portal. The rhythm and timing of the in-game music is the integral and the most amusing part of the game. The main aim of the game is to reach the end of a level and complete it. However, the player has to start over again if he/she dies in between. Apart from few exceptions, all the levels are already unlocked from the start. So you have the liberty to choose the order. The player needs to collect three secret coins which are dispersed in the secret or challenging zones.

The icons can change themselves to six various forms which act distinctly with every interaction. There are six different portals to change the forms and there are also some portals to change the behaviour of the forms like modifying the icon to a dwarf version of itself. In addition, a different portal is also there having two vehicles existing with opposite gravities. The player can choose four different speeds with normal or inverted gravity.  There is a portal that duplicates the vehicle and there is another that mirrors the view.



Achievement is one of the best features of Geometry Dash which can be unlocked in different ways like completing official levels and few Demon-rated levels, getting a specific number of stars, adding friends, rating custom levels and unlocking secret achievements. The players can get an access to the Icon Kit and customize their own icon by unlocking achievements.

In addition, Geometry Dash features a variety of 20 official levels. The player gets 3 coins after completing each level and these secret coins can be used to unlock secret levels. 10 secret coins to unlock Clubstep, 20 to unlock Theory of Everything 2 and 30 to unlock Deadlocked. The duration of each level ranges from 1:22 to 1:42 minutes. The levels are categorised by their difficulty i.e. from easy to demon. Apart from this, the players owning a full version can create their own levels with 3 coins per level that need to be confirmed valid by RobTop.

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Recently, on December 19, 2015, RobTop released a new version of this game, Geometry Dash Meltdown on iOS.