Download the Latest Version of Bloons TD 5 and Pop the Bloons with New Added Features

Bloon Tower Defense, popularly known as Bloons TD, comes under the genre of strategy video games, is a series of TD games under the Bloon (games where the player use monkeys that are armed with weapons to pop balloons or bloons) series. It is developed by Ninja Kiwi. It is available for various mobile platforms—Android, iOS, Play Station Portable, Windows Phone and Nintendo DSi.

The main aim of Bloons TD is to prevent balloons or bloons from approaching the end of a fixed track on a certain map consisting one or more than one entrances and exits for the balloons/bloons. The player is allowed to choose different traps and towers to place them around the track as to protect against the bloons. There are gaining points for popping each bloon. The player loses life/health if a bloon reaches the end of the track. Once the lives/health are exhausted, the game ends right there.

There are different types of bloons in the game such as tougher blooms containing weaker ones. There are also some special ability bloons (in terms of strength, resist specific towers) that come in the other versions of the game. As the level increases, the bloon wave intensity increases.

In Bloon TD series, the main defensive tool is the tower. Every tower has its own speciality in terms of power, purpose and use. Some special towers are there to defend only a few specific bloons. These towers can be upgraded by using the in-game currency i.e. Money. There are 4 difficulty levels and 5 different maps—“ beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert and extreme”.


Bloons Tower Defense 5 is loaded with some fascinating new features:

  • Tracks having tunnels and moving parts. 27 new tracks added.
  • Introduces Extreme Difficulty.
  • Added Z.O.M.G (Zeppelin Of Mighty Gargantuaness—a large boon that requires a hundred of hits to pop).
  • Added towers such as Ninja Monkey, Sniper Monkey and Monkey Sub.
  • Monkey Beacon is transformed to Monkey Village.
  • Added Regrowth Bloons.
  • Added Special Missions.
  • Added Daily Challenges.
  • Added Special Agents.
  • Added Monkey Money.
  • Added Special Abilities.
  • Added Special Buildings.
  • Added 3-D Tracks.
  • XP in unlocking tower upgrades.
  • Added Reverse Mode and Co-op Mode.
  • Added Awesome Points.


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