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Clash Royale is a free mobile strategy video game combining elements from various tower defense games, collectible card games and MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) games. Developed and published by Supercell, Clash Royale was soft-launched on January 4, 2016, for iOS and on February 16, 2016, for Android. Later it was released worldwide on March 2, 2016, for both iOs and Android platforms. Let us discuss the gameplay of Clash Royale.

There is a total of 13 levels and 9 arenas (also the Training Camp) in the game. The players are given different ranks according to the level and arena. The player needs to destroy more towers as compared to the opponents. Also, the player can destroy the King’s Tower, which leads to an automatic three Crown victory.

At the beginning, the players are given a “hand” comprising 4 cards from the “deck” of 8 cards selected by the players. In order to attack others or defend themselves, the players must place cards. The players need to have “elixirs” (that is refilled over time to time) to play the cards. Once the players place a card, a new card from the deck is automatically added to the hand. The players can unlock various arenas by earning a specific number of trophies that can be earned by winning the battles.

The players can donate or upgrade the cards to increase their level which will, in turn, increase the tower hit points and the damage. The players can also use real world money to purchase items like gems and gold. These items can be utilized to purchase cards and chests. A chest can be obtained by winning a multiplayer battle. The players can use the gems to speed up the unlocking process of the chests. Chests contain different types and number of cards. By acquiring a certain number of troop’s cards, the players can boost up “health points”, “damage” and others statistics.


Features of Clash Royale:

  • Indulge in battle with players around the world and take their trophies.
  • Earn chests, powerful new cards and upgrade the existing ones.
  • Destroy the towers of your opponents, win crowns to acquire epic crown chests.
  • Build and upgrade the collection of your cards with the Clash Royale family along with your favourite clash troops, defenses and spells.
  • Construct your very own battle deck.
  • Progress through various arenas.
  • Form a clan and share your cards to build your battle community.
  • Enjoy a private duel with your clanmates.


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