Download Candy Crush

Candy Crush Saga is a British-Swedish tile-matching puzzle video game developed by, a British Facebook game developing team. It was launched worldwide on April 12, 2012, for Facebook, on November 14, 2012, for iOS and on December 14, 2014, for Android. Candy Crush Saga is now owned by Activision Blizzard as a part of an acquisition deal.

Let us discuss the Gameplay of Candy Crush Saga. A player has to make special candies by matching, joining and merging 4 or 5 candies in a specific manner. The special candies like “Stripped” candy that removes either a column or an entire row, “Wrapped” candy which clears the surrounding 8 candies by exploding and acts like a bomb, “Color Bomb” which helps in removing the candies of the same colour with which it is matched. A player can also match the special candies together to produce various effects. Other special candies include Jelly Fish, the Coconut Wheel and Lucky candy. There is a Booster Wheel which gives the player a chance to win a jackpot of all the boosters in a single spin.

To add an extra challenge, other Blockers appear on the scene. Icing can only be cleared by matching the one next to it, Chocolate pieces start multiplying if not cleared at a particular time, Liquorice Swirls cannot be cleared by the Special candies, Candy Bombs can end the level early by exploding if they are not cleared, Marmalade protects the Special candies from using, Mystery candies can randomly turn into a Blocker or a Special candy and so on.

The players can purchase different Boosters to win or to continue the game after losing a level. Lollipop Hammer can be used to clear a single piece from one board, Free Switch is used to switch two different pieces, Sweet teeth is used to remove Jelly and Blockers, Bomb Cooler is used to adding onto the timers if the time runs out. The Dreamworld levels have their special boosters like the Restore Balance booster to reset the Moon Scale for more 5 turns and Moon Struck booster which activate the Moon Struck automatically.

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