Battle It Out With the Latest Version Of Clash of Clans 8.212.9

Cash of Clans is a free massively multiplayer online game which comes under the genre of Strategy video game (where the player has to skillfully strategize his/her plans to attain victory). The game is developed and published by Supercell. It was first released on August 2, 2012, for iOS platforms and later on October 7, 2013, for Android.


Cash of Clans is a multi-player online game where a player needs to build train troops and community to attack or raid other players in the game to earn Elixir and Gold. They can also earn Dark Elixir, which they can use to protect themselves and other players and also to upgrade and train the troops. The game has an interesting feature called pseudo-single player campaign where a player needs to raid a series of heavily fortified goblin villages.

A player needs to build gold mines and storages to earn and store gold and elixir mines and storages to store elixir. Elixir can be used to conduct the research process in the lab to upgrade the troops, train fresh troops, reload X-Bows (from Town Hall 9) and to upgrade specific buildings, mostly the ones which are used to attack the other players’ base. Gold can be used to set up defensive buildings and also to upgrade Town Hall. These Town Halls allows the player to access the higher levels of the acquired buildings and also some more buildings.

The Dark Elixir that becomes available at higher levels can be used to upgrade and train the dark elixir heroes and troops, generate dark spells and fuel the defensive building called Inferno Tower (available at Town Hall 10). Just like gold and elixir storages, the player must construct dark elixir storages and drills to earn and store dark elixir. Apart from this, Clash of Clans has its currency called Gems. One to six gems can be obtained by removing obstructions like a mushroom or a tree from the base and 25 gems can be earned by clearing a gem box. In addition, gems can also be used to boost heroes and buildings.

Players can indulge in clan wars. Clans are the group of players joining together to support each other.  These clans fight against each other and each player is allowed to attack twice in a war. They also get stars on the basis of the amount of damage they make.



The latest version of Clash of Clans 8.212.9 (March 24, 2016) has the following features:

  • New Content
  • Town Hall 10- New unit Bowler, Valkyrie level 5, Hog Rider level 6, Goblin level 7, Mortar level 9, Inferno Tower Multi-mode gets new targets faster.
  • Updates
  • Battle time reduced to 3 min per attack.
  • New building construction cannot be cancelled.
  • Star Bonus and League Bonus rewards.
  • Matchmaking of clan wars has been overhauled.
  • New stat “war win streak” has been included in clan profile.
  • Replays can be viewed from War Details summary.
  • War Details button in place of Star Button.
  • Builder Summary, to see the progress of the constructions.
  • Unlocked player profiles.
  • Army selection bar shows if there is any hidden undeployed unit off-screen.
  • Resource storages have more clear visual states.
  • Battles end automatically if a Poison Spell is there.
  • Tapping the Loot Cart shows the number of resources inside before collecting.
  • A more clear indication of the affected area by the exploding traps.

Download link for iOS

Download link for Android