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May 31, 2012


Hi MagnumShares,

I appreciate your comments very much. My view of the first iMac being insanely stupid is in context with design only. Hey, the Mac faithful loved it, so to each his own. It's only when the iMac went aluminum that I thought they struck gold for design. It's why Apple has stuck with it for so long. The earlier stuff from Ive wasn't great contrary to myth. The craftsmanship brought to a wide range of products since the iPhone has been top notch. Thanks again for you honest opinion.

"During Apple's time of reinvention, they introduced the color bubbled iMac in 1998. It was so insanely stupid that I had to close my eyes as a shareholder knowing that Steve was doing his absolute best under very difficult circumstances."

Offering an out-of-the-box, multi-functional, all-in-one innovative design to the masses was "insanely stupid"? Really?

I suppose that re-introducing a retro 1990s swivel keyboard/split screen will have consumers drooling in awe.

Apple continues to maintain their winning combination of having a clearly defined vision, unique talent and resources to actually realize and implement their vision, and the courage to re-invent products and complete solutions, in an artistically compelling way. That said, I hear that Facebook is interested in selling a FB phone. RIMM may be their next target.

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