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Samsung Patent Intros

The Revolutionary Idea of Smart Device Skin

From stylus pens invented by Samsung, we now have the opportunity of delving into smart device skins also invented by the same brand. But what is so amazing about this type of invention? Well for one thing its totally new and secondly its really easy to do. When done, whatever device you hold in your hand(s) will have a totally different look and appearance.

Samsung Patent Intros

A body without clothes is embossing to say the least unless it is a work of art like “David” standing naked for all to see. As a work of art it’s beautiful and interesting to look at and study for it portrays the personality and skills of the sculptor. The same principle can be applied to the making of devices like smartphones or tablets.

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For these two devices the application of a skin for each is not a complicated process as already shown by Samsung. All it needs is for you to take a digital film of a graphic display you fancy and electronically wrap it around your devices and Presto! You have the same smartphone or tablet but covered in a colourful skin pattern that adds zest and life to both your devices.

According to Samsung the invention will literally make customers go crazy with enthusiasm and will go on a spending spree to have their devices all covered in a new skin. Pre-empting the eventuality,  they have even gone as far as conjuring up a retail version of the skin crafting technique for sale as an accessory found at retail stores for skinning up older Samsung model smartphones.

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Even though the science is a new invention, proponents are confident the technique will travel far into the future with a video film to show how things will unfold for the amazing skin craft for communication devices. With the ever changing customer tastes and preferences, there is little doubt that the technique will catch on.

The invention is simple enough as it hinges on a mobile terminal and an image display method where images are displayed in a more logical fashion. This is done by utilizing the display unit and also the whole space available on the selected surface of the device. This means that the crafted skin image can over the whole area of the device including the sloping edges.

Basically, the smart device skin system comprises 6 components with the control unit located at the centre of the system (#16). At the bottom is the power input unit (#120) and audio processor (#130). The storage unit (#150) houses the first and second screen image sets while the film layer (#170) consisting of the display unit (#140); the display panel (#141) and the touch panel (#143) are located to the upper right of the control unit. Last but not least is the radio frequency unit (#110).

This complete system is able to produce skin images that can be installed on both sides of your smartphone or tablet and present a new and exciting look to your devices.

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